4 Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Doing What You Want

We all know the feeling. We wake up a few days after going to the salon and look in the mirror only to find a head of hair that looks absolutely nothing like it did after we left our stylist.

It’s a terrible feeling. Not only do you feel cheated for spending so much money on that expensive haircut, but you feel insecure about your look (after spending so much money on that expensive haircut).

There are a lot of reasons your hair just looks more amazing when you step out of the salon and there are four reasons why it doesn’t.

1. Your hair is dry. The conditioner used in salons is typically closer to a deep conditioning mask than an actual over-the-counter conditioner. Your hair looks so great when you step out of the salon, because it is chock full of moisture. That is why it is imperative to give your hair some deep conditioning love every couple of days when you are at home. We love our Creme aux Fleurs, deep conditioning scalp treatment.

2. Your hair isn’t dry enough. There is a reason that we get professional blowouts. The stylists take the time to make sure your hair is perfectly dry before they begin shaping and curling and styling. When we dry our hair at home it is 30% less dry than when we do it in the salon. Take the extra five minutes and get all of your hair as dry as possible before you pick up the curling or the flat iron. To make blow-drying your hair easier and more manageable, work in sections. Part your hair in the middle to separate the front section from the back; then further divide those two sections into smaller ones.

3. Your hair isn’t clean enough. Those scalp massages in the salon aren’t just to soothe you into leaving a big tip. They make sure all of the oil and leftover product is cleaned out of your hair. After shampooing once, give your hair one more thorough shampoo to make sure it is a clean slate for your style.

4. You are using the wrong products. Did you apply a leave-in-conditioner? An anti-frizz serum? Your stylist did. That’s why you looked amazing at the salon and less amazing at home. We love Serum de Soie Sublimateur, nourishing and protective styling serum to detangle, protect and just generally make hair more manageable.



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