Leonor Greyl Shines on the Red Carpet

Muriel Vancauwen, Kylee Heath and Peter Butler each styled Isabelle Huppert, Nicole Kidman and Evan Rachel Wood’s hair before they glamorously walked the red carpet.


Here’s how Muriel beautified French actress Isabelle Huppert, who won the “Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Drama” award for the movie “Elle”:

After enhancing her beautiful hair color using Shampooing Reviviscence and the new conditioner Crème de Soin à l’Amarante, I prepped her hair using Mousse au Lotus volumatrice for a long-lasting hold. I sprayed Tonique vegetal at the roots for a little extra lightness and volume, added a few drops of Sérum de Soie sublimateur on the length and ends, then blow-dried her hair with a medium-sized round brush to create a velvety texture. I worked the lengths to create perfect, natural yet chic-looking waves, then set the style using Voluforme hairspray. Ready to go!



Kylee also revealed her secrets behind Nicole Kidman’s stunning looks, as she was nominated for “Best Supporting Performance in a Motion Picture” for the movie “Lion”:

I started working on a low, messy bun with a criss-cross effect on top that had a fishtail feel to it. When we got halfway through, everyone in the room agreed that we should stop! It was perfect half-up, half down. The loose pieces were just the edge we needed.

I started by spraying Condition Naturelle all over her damp hair, and working Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice into her roots. Then I blew her hair smooth with a round brush, combed it through, and created a side part. Then I went back in and added texture using two curling irons, one large-sized and one medium, to break up the texture a bit and give the ends a little bit looser of a wave. Leaving a few pieces loose in the front, I criss-crossed pieces in the back, pulling a piece from the left and pinning it on the right, the pulling a piece from the right and pinning on the left. I wanted the top to be really smooth, so I rubbed a little Eclat Naturel into my hands, then smoothed them over the pieces around her face. The result was kind of loose and undone. I finished by spraying Laque Souple all over.

When her hair was finished and Nicole was getting into her dress, her husband Keith came in for a quickie hair touch-up himself. And when he saw Nicole, he looked at Charlotte [Tilbury] and me and said, ‘Nice job, girls!’”


Peter was inspired by two iconic artists to work Evan Rachel Wood’s short hair. Evan was in competition for the “Best Performance in a Television Series – Drama” award, for the “Westworld” series:

Evan was wearing an incredible form-fitting tuxedo. It’s a boyish yet very sexy look, so we created a hairstyle that was a cross between two stars that epitomize that vibe: Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie. Her hair is cut a bit like a boy’s at the moment—longer on top and shorter everywhere else—so we played with the longer hair, creating a very deep side part with a 1940s-style Marcel Wave.

I started by applying Serum de Soie Sublimateur to clean, damp hair. Evan’s hair is quite bleached at the moment so it’s fragile. I wanted to apply something hydrating before I blew it out. I then combed in Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice to thicken the hair and help it hold the wave later on.

I blew dry the top of her hair using a small round brush to give it some volume, then switched to a paddle-style Mason Pearson brush for the sides and back, which are quite short. Once the hair was dry, I sprayed in Voluforme, took a 3/4–barrel curling iron and created waves through the longer, top portion of her hair. I combed through the waves to soften them, applied Eclat Naturel for shine, and created a deep side part so that all the waves fell on one side. I then smoothed the hair on the opposite side and tucked it tightly behind her ear. To keep everything in place, I finished with a generous dose of Laque Souple hairspray.

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