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 Behind the scenes at the Christophe Lemaire SS16 Menswear show, hairstylist Delphine Courteille explains how to use Baume Bois de Rose to create your desired look. Suitable for men and women, long or short hair, this styling product enables you to switch styles all day long!

 First, Baume Bois de Rose styling balm needs warming up in the palm of the hand to soften its texture, before applying it strand by strand and layer by layer, building it up as you go. I start by using a hazelnut-sized amount and gradually add more, depending on the thickness and density of the hair I’m styling.

2016-02-04 12_03_02-How to create a a light, textured yet natural hairstyle using Baume Bois de RoseFor shorter cuts, I like using it to create James Dean styles, with hair that is swept back but not flattened down. The Balm tousles hair, adds texture and ‘breaks up’ overly neat styles to create a natural look.
On longer hair, it adds volume to lengths that are too straight or smooth. To get this effect, I rub a hazelnut-sized amount of Balm into individual locks with my fingertips until I’ve got the texture I want. 

Winter’s trend is all about natural-looking hairstyles with light, airy movement, and this Balm is perfect for that. The matte finish creates gorgeous reflections of light without making hair look dull. 

Because it’s light and workable, it holds hair effectively without that ‘stiffened’ effect. And, as an added bonus, it hydrates from root to tip, so you can care for your hair and style it at the same time!”

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