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The Force Awakens Premiere: Daisy Ridley’s Fresh Look

Celebrity hairstylist Robert Vetica used Leonor Greyl products to create Daisy Ridley’s look for the Los Angeles red carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“My inspiration for the fresh “Charlie Girl” hair with a hint of 70’s disco era, would’ve originally been achieved with rollers. But on Daisy for tonight, I used a curling iron because I feel it allows the look to appear more modern, a little bit more soft. I also have more control when I’m the one handling the iron as opposed to having each strand of hair be the exact same size and then walking away while the rollers form to the hair. It’s nice to be able to control the heat as well as the size and position of the curl to really customize it.

Prep Hair

For a long-lasting style, I set her hair using Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice, from roots to tips. In the olden days, they would’ve used a gel, but mousse is a much more modern and movable formulation. Also, if your hair tends to collapse once you have finished blow-drying, use this to achieve longer lasting support for your hair style.

Before taking any heat to the hair, I used Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle Heat Protective Styling. It doesn’t leave hair greasy at all, or stiff in any way, it’s just super soft and manageable

Blow-drying hair for volume is all about getting underneath each section of hair as you dry it and lifting it up and away from the head. If you want more volume from your hair, never flatten it by drawing the hair brush over the surface of the hair, rather insert the brush into the underside of each section and direct the airflow from the hair dryer from above whilst continuously lifting it up and away. We then had her flip her head and focused on the roots for about 10 minutes. As the hair dried and got more shape and body, we could see what a difference the mousse made. It was like #Vh1 Diva’s live hair. But then I took that shape and molded it into a more modern, sleeker texture before styling it. I divided the hair into three sections — top, middle and nape — and clipped the sections up. I started “shaping” the hair with the blow-dryer starting at the nape. The shape of brush you choose will play a major part in the end result. I’m going for volume and for sleekness, so I used both a boar bristle round brush and a paddle brush.

Once her hair was completely dry, we parted it to one side and began the curling process and before the curling iron touched her hair, I applied Leonor Greyl Paris Spray Structure Naturelle, from roots to ends. Don’t load it on either, a little bit will go a long way, keep your sprays sheer feeling when applying to the hair.

How-to Style

I recommend starting with the front of your hair where your bangs are located, it’s important to know how it’s going to frame the face for the most flattering look. The rest you can style around that as far as the sides and the back are concerned.

I used the curling iron and held it in an asymmetrical pattern because that will give you a more natural looking style. Starting around the face and at the forehead, I rolled the hair forward toward the face, while the curls on the sides and towards the crown and nape of the neck I wound backwards. This creates that faux bob sort of structure and gives hair an official shape, so it’s not just wily nilly curls all over the place. While I’m doing this, I’m pinning the hair so that it can sit in place and take the desired shape while I work the rest of the head.

Once the hair was completely cool, I took it down and and used a wide-tooth comb to break-up and soften the curls, then went back and twisted hair in the same exact method I did when I was curling and setting it, except this is for the FINAL look. The hair is not as tight anymore, it has more body which lends to that modern youthful “Charlie Girl” / “70’s” appearance. You would almost call it fluffy, but it’s not. Keep in mind, as the hair settles even more it will lose a bit of that bounce, but still adjust into that desired chic style, especially as the night goes on! It’s also cold and windy as hell here in Los Angeles, so it was important that the hair had a little bit of movement. Always go WITH the weather, don’t try and work against it! Once the hair was all up, I pulled and stretched out certain pieces, because again, you don’t want it to be all the same size or too “matchy matchy” perfect, that’s like bad prom hair, and you want the opposite of that. I applied Leonor Greyl Spray Structure Naturelle onto a teasing comb and went over any flyaway around the face or in the curls themselves.

Then once the style was fully complete, I misted Leonor Greyl Spray Structure Naturelle all over Daisy Ridely’s hair to set the finished style and give it extra durability.”

Products mentioned in this post:

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